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Wow, there is so much activity in the Ember community right now! I'm amazed with how many people have already signed up to this newsletter in the last 36 hours. Thank you joining!

There's been so many great community resources in the past week or so that I've struggled to filter them down to a digestible size. But here goes...


Ember 1.0 RC2

The second Release Candidate of Ember 1.0 is out! This release brings bugfixes, improvements & jQuery 2.0 support, and shouldn't have any breaking changes (emberjs.com)

Announcing the Ember.js Security Policy

The Ember team outline the procedure for security vulnerabilities in Ember & Ember-Data. To be clear, there are no known vulnerabilities. (emberjs.com)

Community Links

Using Ember.js Part 3: Custom Views

An article covering the creation of reusable custom views in you Ember project. (eviltrout.com)

Ember Application Initializers

An introduction to using the (undocumented - PR) initializers feature to execute code while Ember is initializing. (mcdowall.info)

Master/Detail Views with Ember.js

This step-by-step guide covers how to easily implement the common Master/Detail pattern in Ember. (broadcastingadam.com)

The Ember Controller - the ObjectController

An introduction to Controllers in Ember, specifically looking at Ember.ObjectController. (thesoftwaresimpleton.com)

CakePHP Ember Skeleton

If you're using Ember with CakePHP then checkout this post which covers getting up & running using CakePHP-Ember-Skel. (loadsys.com)

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Ember-Data builds on S3

Passing Ember-Data builds are now pushed to Amazon S3 with this merged pull request. (github.com)


An Ember extension that adds support for infinite pagination. Still pretty early but open to contributions. (github.com)


A lightweight data persistence library for Ember.js. Aims to have "a similar API [to Ember-Data], while remaining lightweight and stable. Transitioning between the two should be possible with minimal effort". (github.com)


Core team member Eric Bryn is working on "A lightweight model library for Ember.js" (github.com)


Extends the javascript date object with some Ember sauce. Updated to support RC2. (github.com)


New Website. EmberScript is a CoffeeScript derived language that has first-class support for the Ember.js runtime. (emberscript.com)


A new and up-to-date Brunch skeleton for developing Ember applications. (github.com)

Yeoman Ember Generator

The Yeoman Ember generator has been updated to support RC2. (github.com)


Help make Ember Camp Europe happen!

Register your interest in a European Ember mini-conference & training. Location & date TBC according to signup interest. (embercampeurope.com)

Hacking with Ember! - London User Group

If you're reading this in London, why not check out the Ember User Group's hack night on April 10 7:00pm. @ Enthuse.me (meetup.com)

Chicago Meetup

"Building manageable, modular projects with Ember.js" - April 10, 6:15pm @ Open Software Integrators (meetup.com)

San Francico Meetup

Talks on Pagination with Ember & Ember Performance. April 9, 6:45pm @ Zendesk (meetup.com)


#pairwithme Ember-style

Find other Ember.js developers to pair with! An experiment by Core Team member @ebryn. (emberpairs.com)

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